with Pierre HERME, the king of the macaroon

Pierre Hermé, born in Colmar, is a pastry-chocolate chef heir to four generations of Alsatian bakers.
Pierre Hermé owes his international fame to the macaroon, which he learned to make in 1976 and whose topping he enriched in order to change the taste, to the point of considering it today as an infinite exploration of creativity.
In 2016, he was named the best pastry chef in the world by the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” ranking.

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COLMAR: 3rd of European Best Destinations 2018

Candidate of the Best European Destinations 2018, Colmar is in 3rd place behind Wroclaw in Poland and Bilbao in Spain. The net users were 32,185 to click for Colmar on the site (10% of the total of the voters).

COLMAR introduces itself : "THE INVITATION"

Our Little Green Trains in the new promotional film of the city, which has been ranked 2nd best audiovisual achievement at the Trophies of Communication in Cannes.

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