Ministerial Decree No. 2021-850 of June, 29,2021 prescribing the general measures necessary to manage the exit from the health crisis specifies that:

Touristic Trains are no longer subject to a gauge.
Everything else is still applicable:
- Wearing a mask is required, including children over 11 years,
- Suppling antiseptic hand gel,
- Distancing (input/output) in queue,
- Disinfecting...


Anne LUDMANN & her team 

provide you a maximum of security

regarding the health crisis due to COVID-19.

Ministerial Decrees from May, 31, 2020 & June, 21, 2020:

The wearin of the mask is OBLIGATORY for all passengers including for children over 11 years

* The whole team of the Little tourist Trains wears masks,

* Only customers who wear a mask will be allowed on board our Little Trains, including  children over 11 years

* All our customers, as well as the whole team of the Little Tourist Train mut use the antiseptic hand gel -supplied by our company- before getting on the train

* The Little Tourist trains will be fully disinfected between each departure and will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily

* Our wagons will be equipped with separation tarps between each bench

* Our staff will have the obligation to place the clients in such a way as to strictly respect the social distanciations.

Our clients must respect the placement arranged by the staff.

* Our trains are equipped with FREESOUND headphones

* Regarding payment:

- you can take your tickets & pay online on our website!

- or by cash.